PTM (Product To Market, LLC) is a company that provides contracted marketing and business development services. Located in the north central part of the United States in Cokato, Minnesota (USA), PTM works closely with owners and managers to organize and complete projects that are best suited for a partner with dedicated focus and external expertise. PTM’s team of service professionals and specialty partners operates from Maple Grove, Minnesota; Eden Prairie, MN; Houghton, MI; Howell, MI; Winsted, MN; Buffalo, MN; Fairmont, MN; Eagle Lake, MN and other locations.

PTM services single or multi-location clients in the United States and Canada.

The PTM Value Generation Process

At PTM, it is understood that new products or improvements to existing ways of doing business follow a step-by-step process.  To be competitive and cost effective, organizations look to Product To Market to initiate or complete steps that solve consumer problems.  PTM has a track record of formalizing offerings and then working to promote products and services to target consumers – consumers that are internal to an organization or to the general public. When working with clients, PTM follows its internal process for creating new products or enhancing existing products and services.  The process has been successfully deployed since 2001, and continues to provide value to clients that are continually looking for better ways to compete and do business. Each step in the process is illustrated below.  PTM coordinates efforts as appropriate with clients, so end goals are identified and results obtained in a timely manner.


How do we do it now?

How do we do it now?

If there’s a problem to fix, and a potential new solution to be provided, PTM leads the effort to isolate the compelling reasons to consider making changes.


Is there a better way?

Is there a better way?

PTM’s creative teams generate multiple ways to create new products to solve a problem or make life better for consumers.  Solutions may be easy or difficult to come up with. PTM leads the way though a Six Step Value Generation Model with consumer friendly solutions and potential productivity gains for companies.


Document choicesDocument choices

In order to progress, decision frameworks must be constructed. PTM organizes options with required financial analysis, so clients can evaluate ways to proceed.


Identify and make decisionsIdentify and make decisions

Before actions are finalized, appropriate funding and plans must need to be approved.  PTM will present the decisions to be made so the next steps can be decided.


Plan and decidePlan and decide

When progress is ready to be made, plans need to be made.  Detailed actions to sell the new solutions and perhaps terminate the old solutions are organized. Appropriate time frames are established.


Implement and executeImplement and execute

The completion of a project to improve life for consumers and adjust or add new ways for an organization to operate are now made.  Tracking of results is provided so the new ways are fully adapted.


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