Product To Market (PTM) launched on May 31, 2001 as an online advertising and marketing company. PTM is a virtual company comprised of a team of specialists who manage all aspects of marketing and advertising.

PTM History


Facilitate network update project with global integrator. Support CEO project for Korterra – sales development and product line enhancements. Partner with Unco Data Systems to enhance cloud based specialty systems and services.


Consult with owner of Culligan franchise to improve accounts receivable, enhance local website presence, and implement new product and service offerings. Begin partnership with Network Solutions (web.com) for website hosting and data storage.

2003 – 2006

Accelerate efforts to add MN based franchised dealers to ad agency and technology support portfolio.


Join CDANA (Culligan Dealer Association of North America) and expand ad agency and technical support services to multiple states. Add the septic pumping and septic system building industry to client portfolio. Partner with Google and Bing for ad buys for client needs.


Add HVAC industry and realtors to active client list. Join Direct Marketing Association (DMA) for additional industry expertise. Enhance partnerships with specialty mailing list and print services companies to enhance client marketing efforts.

2009 – Present

Grow boutique advertising agency and technology support services in the United States and Canada. Accelerate processes and techniques to measure and track lead generation costs and key performance indicators. Join Water Quality Association (WQA) to support industry efforts. Test and deploy enhanced methods of lead generation and customer service programs for growth and retention purposes. Join the American Marketing Association for additional industry expertise. Focus on methods to improve overall sales productivity at multiple client locations.

Early Client History, 1970-2001

Before the start of Product To Market, LLC.

Payco Seeds, Elite Enterprises, Harju Tire and Service, Unco Data Systems, Hinckley Springs, Nynex Business Centers, AmeriData, GE Capital IT Solutions, International Network Solutions (INS), Lucent Technologies, B2B Intellect (Ariba integration)