PTM offers many advertising and marketing services to help your company expand and track your growth progress. We will set up your advertising programs to keep your assets and staff productive.

Sometimes changes in how you take care of your valuable customers seem so simple to make, but are so hard to get done with your own team. It can happen that other priorities are in the way, or your team just doesn’t realize what can be done.

That’s where PTM can help. We help to evaluate your service programs and then suggest ways to take better care of your customers.

Value Generation

We provide leadership to capture additional revenues or change processes to generate savings. PTM continually strives to support client efforts to improve the overall value proposition made to current or prospective customers. Additionally, if opportunities present themselves to reduce cost of business operations or expand sales in tactful ways, PTM is prepared to help. Following structured and proprietary methods, PTM has a track record of generating significant value for clients and their customers.

Process Coaching

PTM generates thousands of inquiries for its clients each month.

The inquiries are very important to each PTM client, and PTM works closely with owners and managers to make sure that consumers are taken care of in a timely and proper manner, according to the clients ability to service consumer needs.

When a PTM client introduces new offerings, hires new employees, or wishes to evaluate the overall performance of how consumers are served, PTM will integrate a method to review the various processes taking place at a client, and offer suggestions for improvement. If the suggestions require follow up support, PTM will structure ways to improve the overall effectiveness of the clients operations.

Various tools and procedures are utilized by PTM when working with clients on process improvements.

Online Pro Solution

Do you spend thousands on advertising? Do you wonder about the results and if you are investing wisely or wasting funds? PTM provides the processes and technology to determine the results from advertising campaigns. The PTM Online Pro Solution™ will evaluate inquiry volumes, costs, orders and much more. The solution is designed for online or print advertising.

Why not starting tracking your advertising and fine tune your investments based on actual results? You will be able to monitor your investments and eliminate ineffective advertising programs.

Advertising Management

Independent companies and organizations, or franchise groups are serviced by PTM’s advertising management expertise.

If you are looking to transition your organization’s efforts with effective promotions to gain more business and market share, PTM will help. You can assign all or a part of your advertising efforts to PTM, and we’ll go to work on your behalf. Plus you’ll see results in a timely manner.

Print & Digital Advertising

Print advertising can be a challenge due to the fact that there is a wide variety of options and prices available. The average procurement person may not have the experience and expertise, or industry relationships to be able to make cost-effective purchases. Thus clients choose to partner with PTM.

PTM works closely with clients to determine their value propositions, competitive positioning, and sales and support processes. Once the go-to-markets are strategized and confirmed, PTM executes market plans. Clients typically engage PTM with a specific market development program and PTM will work with the client to approve marketing messages and marketing program funds. Measurement systems are established and funds are tabulated based on market performance.

Sales Channels

PTM has over 20 years experience in creating and working with various sales channels. If an organization chooses to use a direct or dealer-based sales model, or a combination, PTM can help to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative.

The challenges faced by executives typically involve compensation, packaging, after sales support, promotion of product enhancements, and training. Drawing on previous experience in working with organizations such as Microsoft, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, and other high tech companies, PTM is able to work with clients to assess current methods and look to ways to enhance overall product and service distribution.

PTM draws on experience of launching new products and services, sales force training, and partnering with owners and managers to add value to organizations that strive for market share growth and diversification.

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